Local, Diverse, Natural



Robie Farm has been in continuous operation since 1870. We are located in
Piermont, NH on the fertile farmland surrounding the Connecticut River. Our vision here at Robie Farm is to remain committed to and passionate about the success of Robie Farm not just for the here and now but for the future generations.

Our family remains very involved in the day-to-day operations of the farm along with our dedicated staff. In 2008 Lyman Robie (5th Generation) along with his sons, Mark, and Freeman, made the decision to focus on direct marketing of our milk, cheese and meats. By diversifying agricultural production, introducing a line of products, and creating a retail location on the farm, we have been able to not only sell a wider variety of our own products but also create marketing opportunities for other local agricultural producers. We have built a cooperative of farmers that raise animals under our acronym HGAL (Humanely Raised, Growth Hormone-Free, All Natural, Locally Grown) which we designed to set the standard of all meat and dairy that is sold in our farm store and to wholesale customers. We believe that this vision and acronym will always be our cornerstone as we continue to grow and expand.



Our goal is to always produce high-quality, nutritious, and great tasting products (meat, milk, and cheese) that our customers appreciate and desire.  We are committed to making sure our customers know who we are and where their food comes from by building relationships.




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